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23 February, 2011


belajar bahasa negeri sembilan,just  for fun ..hehe..nanti kalau balik kampung,tak adalah terkebil-kebil..bila orang kampung tanya apa-apa...hehe..really enjoy learning languages any other state..but, learning the two word only .. too lazy to learn very much fear will not remember .. hehe..wish to mention difficult..

and ... the atmosphere near the quiet village near the town .... no .. kind of noisy with the sound of a car near the village quiet .. just heard the birds and waterfalls only...sebab tu,kalau time holidays..nomiko suka habiskan masa dekat kampung..berbanding dekat bandar...
dan orang-orang dekat kampung tak macam orang dekat bandar..yang suka jaga tepi kain orang...kain sendiri koyak tak nak jaga pulak..itulah kan,dalam dunia ni,ada bermacam-macam kerenah manusia..

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